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Internet reputation management company

What Is an Internet Reputation Service?

Have you ever searched your brand name? Are all the results positive? Do reviews share an accurate customer service experience, or do you have complaints that mention scams and bad business practices? If you Google “[your brand name] reviews,” what’s your rating? Google will use customer sentiment and trust as a ranking signal. Businesses have …

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choosing a reputation firm

Choosing an Online Reputation Management Service

To be successful in the digital world, a person must manage their public relations, reviews and social media presence carefully. A small amount of negative feedback can quickly damage a reputation it took years to build. Using an online reputation management service is a good first step for removing bad content, promoting positive reviews and …

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Brand Versus Reputation

Brand Versus Reputation

Brand and reputation are two words that are often used interchangeably, even though each has its own separate and distinct meaning. Sometimes, to make matters even more confusing, they are used together, as in “brand reputation,” which introduces yet a third meaning into an already overly-complex mix. In this post, learn how each term stands …

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